Triple Crown Horse Feed Products For All Your Horse Nutrition Needs

Senior Formula

Senior Formula™

A high fat, grain free, beet pulp based feed; ideal for older horses with metabolic issues.

Total Lifetime Care

Total Lifetime Care™

A pelleted diet for horses of any age, from foals to senior horses.

Complete Formula

Complete Formula™

A high fiber, beet pulp based feed; May be used as a partial hay replacement and ideal for horses with gastric ulcers.

Lite Formula

Lite Formula™

A grain and molasses free, highly fortified pellet, ideal for horses with insulin resistance and Cushing’s.

Growth Formula

Growth Formula™

Beet pulp based, low soluble carbohydrate feed for broodmares and foals up to 2 years of age.

Triple Crown® Low Starch

Triple Crown® Low Starch

A grain free, molasses free diet, ideal for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing’s, EPSM & PSSM, but requiring more calories than Lite provides.

Triple Crown Training Formula

Training Formula™

A high calorie diet, fortified with fish oil for elevated Omega 3 fatty acids to benefit performance horses.

Triple Crown 14% Performance Formula

14% Performance™

High fat sweet for horses requiring a higher protein content such as broodmares, foals and yearlings.

Triple Crown 14% Racing Formula

14% Racing

A high energy grain mix designed to be fed to young performance horses, broodmares and breeding stallions, yearlings and weanlings.

Triple Crown Complete Racing Formula

Complete Racing Formula™

A high fat, low carbohydrate diet for mature horses fortified to provide protein, essential amino acids.

Triple Crown Steam Crimped Oats

Steamed Crimped Oats™

Used to optimize performance and health.

Triple Crown Whole Race Horse Oats

Whole Race Horse Oats™

Used to help optimize performance and health.

30% Supplement

30% Supplement

A pelleted supplement for growing horses, broodmares, and performance horses.

Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

Safe Starch®

A chopped forage product, fortified with vitamins and minerals, designed to be used as a total ration for horses with metabolic issues.