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Triple Crown Horse Feed Products For All Your Horse Nutrition Needs

Senior Bag


A high fat, grain free, beet pulp based feed; ideal for older horses with metabolic issues.

Triple Crown Complete Formula


A high fiber, beet pulp based feed; May be used as a partial hay replacement and ideal for horses with gastric ulcers.

Triple Crown Low Starch Formula

Low Starch

A grain free, molasses free diet, ideal for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing’s, EPSM & PSSM, but requiring more calories than Lite provides.

Triple Crown Lite Formula


A grain and molasses free, highly fortified pellet, ideal for horses with insulin resistance and Cushing’s.

Triple Crown Growth Formula


Beet pulp based, low soluble carbohydrate feed for broodmares and foals up to 2 years of age.

Triple Crown Total Lifetime Care Formula Total Lifetime Care
A pelleted diet for horses of any age, from foals to senior horses.
Triple Crown Training Formula

Training Formula

A high calorie diet, fortified with fish oil for elevated Omega 3 fatty acids to benefit performance horses.

 Triple Crown Safe Starch Forage

Safe Starch® Forage

A chopped forage product, fortified with vitamins and minerals, designed to be used as a total ration for horses with metabolic issues..

Triple Crown 14% Racing Formula

14% Racing Formula

A high energy grain mix.

Triple Crown Complete Racing Formula

Complete Racing Formula

A high fat, low carbohydrate diet for mature horses fortified to provide protein, essential amino acids.

Triple Crown Steam Crimped Oats

Steamed Crimped Oats

Used to optimize performance and health.

Triple Crown Whole Race Horse Oats

Whole Race Horse Oats

Used to help optimize performance and health.

Triple Crown 30% Ration Balancer

30% Ration Balancer

A pelleted vitamin and mineral supplement ideal when feeding below recommended rate of feed or for balancing hay and/or pasture.