Triple Crown Nutrition: Alfa-Lox Quiz

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1. Triple Crown Alfa-Lox® Forage helps horses recover from the following:

2. Triple Crown Alfa-Lox formula contains:

3. The Amino Acids that help intestinal cell regeneration are Carnitine and Glutamine:

4. What are the benefits for the horse that result from feeding Triple Crown Alfa-Lox®

5. “MOS” stands for:

6. The feeding rate per horse for Triple Crown Alfa-Lox® is:

7. Symptoms of Ulcers Include:

8. Triple Crown Alfa-Lox® can replace GastroGard and UlcerGard.

9. Approx. How much does it cost per day to feed Triple Crown Alfa-Lox® at the recommended feeding rate?

10. Flaxseed Oil is used to add Omega 3 Fatty Acids to Triple Crown Alfa-Lox®

11. Triple Crown Nutrition, Inc. is