The Horse With No Name

              By: Triple Crown Insider- Tori Ramirez The Day We Met In the spring

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Keeping Your Horse Calm On The Road

                By Triple Crown Insider- Erin Long Trailering Your Horse Doesn’t Need To

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Disengaging The Hindquarters in Horses

By: Triple Crown Insider- Amanda Russel No matter your discipline, teaching your horse to disengage their hindquarters can benefit your

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Confidence At Higher Speeds

By: Triple Crown Insider- Erin Long I got a request for this post, so let’s do it! Riding at a

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Triple Crown Excellence Award Presented to Rider of the Little Horse That Could at 2017 IALHA Nationals

For Immediate Release: Contact: Kelly Payne Triple Crown Nutrition (800) 451-9916   Small but Mighty: Triple Crown Excellence Award Presented

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Triple Crown Nutrition® Honors First Western Dressage National Champion with Excellence Award at Arabian Sport Horse Nationals

For Immediate Release: Contact: Kelly Payne Triple Crown Nutrition (800) 451-9916 Triple Crown Nutrition® Honors First Western Dressage National Champion

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Riding: When Less is More!

  By: Triple Crown Insider- Sammi Majors Almost 15 years ago, I was eventing my Connemara pony, Erin. She was

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Buying a Horse For Your Child

By: Triple Crown Insider- Chelsea McEvoy Remember the day you bought or received your first horse? I was fortunate that

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Triple Crown® Gives Back to Barrel Racers at the 14th Annual Fiddler’s Turkey Run

                    Triple Crown Nutrition sponsored rider, Sabra O’Quinn,  at the 14th

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Mastering the Basics Can Help Improve Your Barrel Time!

                  By: Triple Crown Insider- Amanda Russell Have you ever placed second

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The Great 4-H Experience

By: Triple Crown Intern- Angie Smith What is 4-H? When 4-H was created in 1902, the goal and idea was

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Horse Safety Tips During Hot Weather

    By Triple Crown Intern- Angie Smith With summer here and temperatures rising across the U.S., it is important to

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A Positive Attitude is Everything

  By: Triple Crown Insider-Laura Kurth   “I’ve found that winners spoke differently. Winners have a better attitude. And when

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What’s The Ground Like?

By: Triple Crown Insider: Hannah Young When hauling with other barrel racers, there’s that one conversation about the ground, and

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The Intercollegiate Dressage Association Experience (Part 1)

By: Triple Crown Insider- Sammi Majors All during my grade school years, I admit that I scoffed at college team

Pre and Post Performance For Your Horse

Just like people, no two horses are alike‰ – breed, personality, performance… But no matter how different they are, the importance of warming up and cooling down remains the same.

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Time to Face the Cold- Keep Up Your Training Program.

By: Hannah Young- Triple Crown Insider Now that the cold winter months are here, some people give their horses a

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Should You Clip Your Horse This Winter?

  By: Madison Nichter, Triple Crown Insider As the days get cooler and shorter, many of us come to the

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Frigid Weather and Fundamentals: Keep Your Winter Riding Fresh

By: Emily Kelly, Triple Crown Insider As those of us in the Midwest approach our looming, gloomy six months of

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Giving Thoroughbred Racehorse’s a Second Chance

  Giving Thoroughbred Racehorse’s a Second Chance Phillip Dutton riding OTTB, Icabad Crane 2014 America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred winner By:

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Bathing: Post-Exercise Care for a Healthy Horse

As the summer heat starts to hit and the competition season begins, horses and riders alike are more susceptible to

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Meet Triple Crown Sponsored Rider, Cassie Sprenger.

A fun Q & A session with Cassie Sprenger of Complete Equestrian Company. How long have you been riding? My

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Feeding: Performance Horse Feed Considerations

The big question is “What is a performance horse?”. Certainly we would all consider racehorses and 3-day event horses as

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Why Keeping Horses Properly Hydrated During Summertime Is Critical To Equine Health

Fresh, Cool Water Is Important For Avoiding Horse Health Problems Such As Colic And Heat Stress. By Dr. Amy M

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Mary Miller, Champion Extreme Mustang Makeover Star: From Humble Beginnings To National Prominence.

Download PDF Her Love For All Things Horse Has Made Her A Rising Star On The Extreme Mustang Makeover Circuit.

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Important equine health tips for managing nervous horse behaviors-Part 2

By: Dr. Amy M Gill Ration management, and key ingredients can encourage healthier equine temperaments and “hind gut,” digestion. Forage

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Important Equine Health Tips for Managing Nervous Horse Behaviors. Part 1

By: Dr. Amy M Gill Unnatural environments lead to physical and mental stress. Domestic horses have not evolved from their

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