Welcome to your Triple Crown Insider Quiz #1

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1. T/F: All Triple Crown products have a fixed formula.
2. What ingredient is specific to Triple Crown products?
3. ButiPEARL Z EQ is ________ which helps _______. (pick 2)
4. What Triple Crown Forage contains EquiMix?
5. Which Triple Crown Feed has the lowest NSC level?
6. T/F: StressFree Forage cures ulcers.
7. 30% Ration Balancer can be added to all Triple Crown Feeds EXCEPT ______.
8. Which Triple Crown forage can be used as a "complete diet"?
9. Which product in the Triple Crown Gold Line is a textured feed?
10. What will you NOT find in Triple Crown Balancer Gold?
11. Horse owners should feed by the ___________.