Enter your new foal in the 2024 Triple Crown Cute Foal Contest!

HOW TO ENTER: Submit your photo entry with your name and foal’s name during the submission period (below) to news@triplecrownfeed.com or upload your photo to our Facebook page. Make sure to fill out the required information and attach only 1 photo.

SUBMISSION PERIOD: Entries will be accepted from June 25th -July 23rd, 2024 11:59pm CST.

DETERMINATION OF THE WINNERS: At the end of the submission period (11:59PM Central, July 23rd), three winners will be randomly selected from all photo entries. The winning entries will be announced on our Facebook page on July 29th. All winner decisions are random, final and non-appealable. Within a few days after conclusion of the contest, all entries will be posted in a 2024 Cute Foal Contest album on our Facebook page for everyone to view

DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES: Prizes will be sent out by mail within 2 weeks after the winners have been contacted and have shared their contact information with TCN. Three winners will receive a prize package that includes- Triple Crown™ hat, Triple Crown™ blanket, Triple Crown® feeding cup, Triple Crown™ weight tape, and 3 free Triple Crown® feed bag coupons.

Click for Cute Foal Contest Official Rules