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Super Premium

Crafted to meet your horse’s unique needs. This full line of feeds features our proprietary blend, EquiMix®, to provide high-quality nutrition to help all horses perform and feel their best while improving coat and hoof quality.


Textured — for mature horses, hard keepers and older horses with teeth issues

Senior Active+

Extruded- for active, older horses or performance horses.


Textured — for performance horses and hard keepers


Textured — for young horses, broodmares and breeding stallions


Pelleted — for easy keepers, ponies and miniature horses

Low Starch

Pelleted — for horses that require a lower starch and sugar diet and those with allergies


Pelleted — for horses of any age, easy keepers and those with metabolic disease

Super Premium Gold

Go for Gold. Featuring our original EquiMix® blend for superior nutrition, this full line of super premium feeds was crafted with your horse’s health in mind.

Senior Gold

Textured — for active, older horses, hard keepers and those prone to gastric ulcers

Perform Gold

Pelleted — for performance horses or horses of any age that require additional calories

Balancer Gold

Pelleted — for easy keepers, ponies and miniature horses

Super Premium Naturals

Give your horse the best nature has to offer. Featuring our proprietary EquiMix® blend for the highest quality nutrition, this GMO free, soy free feed offers peace of mind.

Pelleted Horse Feed — Naturals

Pelleted — for mature horses, performance horses and hard keepers

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Found only in Triple Crown feeds. EquiMix® is an original blend of yeast cultures, organic materials, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes that are vital to your horse's hoof, coat and overall health.