Perform Gold

A high fat diet with no soybean meal for performance horses of any age where a high calorie intake is required. Fortified to provide protein, essential amino acids, vitamins, macro minerals, trace minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes

Senior Gold

A super premium grain free, beet pulp based feed for all horses. Ideal for older horses and horses unable to masticate their feed or forage adequately.

Balancer Gold

A low carbohydrate (sugar and starch), highly fortified supplement with no soy and no molasses for horses of any age. Balancer Gold
can be used to balance pasture and/or hay, improve nutrition in diets when feeding small amounts or mixing with whole


A high fat, grain free, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for older horses with metabolic issues, mature horses, hard keepers, rescue/starved horses, horses with ulcers and those with COPD/heaves. May also be used as a complete diet.


A high fiber, beet pulp-based feed. Ideal for hard keepers, performance horses and horses with COPD/heaves or gastric ulcers. May also be used as a complete diet.

Low Starch

A grain, alfalfa and molasses free pelleted feed. Ideal for horses with insulin resistance, Cushing’s, EPSM and PSSM requiring additional calories or tend to have allergies. Also ideal for HYPP horses.


A grain and molasses free feed for mature horses that do not require additional calories. An excellent feed choice for horses with insulin resistance or laminitis and horses that only require a small amount of feed such as “easy keepers”, ponies and


A super-premium beet pulp-based feed for growing horses, broodmares and breeding stallions.

Safe Starch® Forage

A chopped forage fortified with vitamins and minerals. Ideal for horses with metabolic disease, founder/laminitis or poor dentition.


A pelleted vitamin and mineral feed for easy keepers not needing additional calories. Ideal for ponies, miniature horses, growing horses, broodmares, performance horses and those with metabolic disease. Balances hay and pasture diets.

Naturals Pelleted Horse Feed

A super-premium GMO free, soybean free pelleted feed with no molasses for mature horses.