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The foundation to your successful feeding program. Our full line of feeds features the building blocks that help your horse thrive: fiber, fat, vitamins, minerals and our unique EquiMix® blend, a proprietary mix that sets all our feeds above the rest.

Functional Wafers

Triple Crown functional wafers offer an additional way to support your horse. Our nutritious, delicious wafers are crafted with key ingredients for specific equine needs.



Feed your horse a fortified forage to maintain their nutritional needs. Our forages are ideal to provide nutrition during hay shortages, as an alternative to grain-based diets and used as a supplement during times of stress.

Triple Crown forages


Give your horse the best nature has to offer. Our line of Naturals includes feed, forages and supplements providing horses with wholesome, solid nutrition – made with GMO free and soybean free ingredients, essential vitamins and nutrients.

Triple Crown naturals


Nutrition beyond feed. Crafted to meet a wide variety of needs – this array of super premium supplements provides balance and fills in nutritional gaps.

Triple Crown supplements

Help your horse thrive

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Found only in Triple Crown feeds, EquiMix® is an original blend of yeast cultures, organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and digestive enzymes that are vital to your horse’s hooves, coat and overall health.

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You go above and beyond for you horse, and we want to return the favor. Our Frequent Buyer Program lets you earn rewards for you or worthy organizations in your area.