Frequently Asked Questions

healthy triple crown horse healthy triple crown horse

How can I see if my feed is fresh?

Reading a date code will tell you when your bag was produced. Triple Crown is produced by a few manufacturing facilities around the United States and the date codes will vary depending on where you live. Here are the four ways a date code may appear:

Triple Crown date code graphic Triple Crown date code graphic

For freshness and palatability, it is recommended stores sell Triple Crown feeds within 3 to 4 months from date of production. Under proper storage conditions, feed quality can be guaranteed up to 6 months from date of production. Do not feed if product is moldy or has insect contamination.

Who manufactures Triple Crown feed?

Triple Crown is produced by a few manufacturers around the country. We’d be happy to share your local Triple Crown manufacturer — just let us know where you purchase your feed via email at, or over the phone with a Triple Crown Expert at 800-451-9916. 

Are Triple Crown feeds produced in ionophore free facilities?

Triple Crown Feeds are made in facilities that we personally inspect and certify. We require mills producing our feeds to meet the FDA’s Feed Safety and Modernization Act requirements. Mills must also have HAACP certifications and other quality assurance programs in place. This ensures that all Triple Crown Feeds are made on rumensin-free manufacturing systems.

What are the starch and sugar levels of your products?

Monitoring your horse’s starch and sugar intake is important — especially if you have a senior or metabolic horse. Please refer to our “Product Average Carbohydrate Values” chart below or contact a Triple Crown Expert at 800-451-9916.

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Carbohydrate Guide


Do you have GMO-free products?

Triple Crown offers a GMO-free feed line called Triple Crown Naturals.